Sustainability is a primary focus for UEDC, an area of expertise in which we continually study and train. As a result, we are recognized among the emerging consultant delivers sustainable solutions.

Our team members engineered many of the LEED/GRIHA/IGBC certified projects including radiant cooling design, active-passive approach, Earth-tunnel, in the country. Most of our management team is LEED/IGBC Accredited Professionals.

Not only do we embrace the industry trend toward more sustainable design, UEDC is active with industry groups that promote sustainable design and development related green design standards.

UEDC team has a thorough understanding of system designs that incorporate alternative energy and energy conservation technologies. We routinely perform energy modeling to evaluate opportunities to increase energy conservation (this modeling energy audit is a required element for any of the green building). Most importantly, our engineers can advise you on how to maximize energy conservation benefits on your sustainable design project, giving you the opportunity to meet green building ratings (LEED/IGBC/GRIHA or requirements while optimizing life-cycle costs. 

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