Our BIM philosophy revolves around a simple tenet: Customer Satisfaction. Achieved.

With the help of BIM, we Improve your MEP design quality by creating clear detail models, making accurate and better estimates, reducing the waste time and risk by intelligently connecting workflows; and streamlining faster project delivery throughout initial MEP system design, detailing, fabrication and installation process.

All of this – and more – made simple via the adoption of BIM. BIM is not just a physical and digital representation of a facility but also provides a shared knowledge source of information about a project for helping you make informed design decisions during its life-cycle.

At UEDC, we extend the scope of BIM from the planning and design phase of the project to the entire building life-cycle – supporting cost management, construction management, project management, facility operations and much more.

Our MEP BIM services’ portfolio includes:

  • Mechanical Equipment Modeling
  • Diffusers and Grills Modeling
  • Plumbing and Drainage drafting services
  • Compressed air gas system plan drawings
  • Equipment Schedules
  • Electrical Lighting Fixtures Layout Modeling
  • Detailed Light Fixtures mentioning volts, lux, fitting type
  • Wiring of fixtures with switches and panels as per drawings
  • Cable Trays in BIM Electrical Model as per drawings

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