Renewable Energy Solutions

UEDC provides well researched, insight-driven, field-tested advice on the Renewable Energy sector. We serve a distinguished set of clients on the key areas of project implementation in the Solar and Wind energy sectors.

we take pride in creating supreme value for our clients through scrupulous mapping of their core-competencies and the demands and trends of the market. With the heart of our consulting philosophy firmly placed on analytical research, we deliver personalized knowledge solutions that invigorate even the most concealed dimensions of a problem to aid critical decision making.

Our resolve to settle for nothing but the perfect solution transforms into satisfaction of our clients, and our success.

Our Renewable Energy services include:

  • Solar Radiation Analysis
  • On-Grid/ Off Grid Solar Solution
  • Solar Panel cost estimation
  • System Sizing, Siting, and Visualization
  • Wind Energy Analysis
  • Bio-mass/Bio-Gas Feasibility & Design

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