Who we are

We are a diverse group of individuals including engineers, technicians, consultants, and academics. We work together to provide the most effective and sustainable solutions for our clients. Our core values support this, and create an environment where our people can flourish.

As a professional consulting firm with the technical skills of our people as our product

These critical core values allow us to provide the expertise and continuity our clients expect. We are an employee-owned corporation that values the collective abilities, technical skills and continuity of our associates.

With in-depth understanding of Indian climate and regional culture and having worked on latest technologies in USA, UEDC becomes a perfect bridge for projects which are looking for contextual but innovative solutions.

We are at the forefront of design for today’s commercial, institutional, retail, healthcare and industrial buildings. We take pride in delivering energy optimized, sustainable, engineered and GREEN certified projects. Due to innovative design techniques, documentation approaches and savvy project management, we consistently maintain the highest standards of professional performance.

Our Vision

“Our focus and vision is to deliver the Sustainable, Innovative, flawless and distinctive but practical and implementable design Solutions and to become the Consultant of the first choice for clients, colleagues and employees”


Want to work with us?

UEDC is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your Industrial needs.

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